Friday, January 13, 2012

Western Slaves

Slaves to excess
 Slaves to want what were told things
 that we should have
 because the perfectly good stuff we have is now "outdated" 
Everything needs to be Brighter, shinier, louder than anyone ever imagined
 we need to be able to cram in
 more and more and more 
 more stuff, more work, more money
 faster and faster and faster time goes
 time so accurate it will make your nose bleed
 so much stuff so little time so much excess 
 the old just thrown away 
when a newer better quicker sleeker, conforming clone becomes available
 neglecting the environment
 in the pursuit of the illusion
 of ever increasing profit 
before we know it we lose ourselves in the consumeristic world
 where nothing is off limits
 nothing is taboo 
we wonder why nothing seems to work the way it used to 
 why everything breaks
 making us careless
 because its replaceable
 everyone's too busy to stop for a second
 just one second