Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Graffiti Art

I know to a lot of people out there graffiti is not something to be encouraged and to tell you the truth some of it is pretty lame but then there are pictures like this...

these are the murals that I think are cool and they're actually quite detailed.... I found these pics on the internet, I think that they're amazing
what do you think?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Inspired by Graffiti

Don't freak I'm not into putting my stuff on someone else's wall permanent and illegal like... However I do love how intricate and thought provoking some of it can be....

This one at the moment is a work in progress...i have more images i want to put on it but I'm yet to work out the layout but here's what it is so far.......

The heart in the centre is supposed to represent what the human heart is told/ thinks it wants or desires which is why its slightly darker and black in places... but i still feel that i haven't finished explaining/ painting all the concepts i want in this piece, but as it stands at the moment i think it looks pretty cool...which is saying something because i don't normally think that of my own stuff..

I did the background solid colours by staining with acrylic paint and the other hearts in the background aren't stained but the words and the heart were painted before i stained around them with the other colours....unfortunately the flash from my camera hides a lot of the detail of the centre heart....


What's in a name?
Is mine that important?
Is it worth remembering?
Or is it just another label to add,
To the ever growing list?
Fat, lazy, selfish,
Condescending tagging,
With undeserving lies,

I am who God made me,
So why should I listen to this?
Accept me for who I am,
As an artist, daughter, friend,
Niece, cousin,
A person with hopes and dreams,
Yet the lies of a jealous world,
Tell me that all I dream to be,
Is too far fetched,
Just a pipe dream,
An apparition,
Never meant to be,

My name,
You may not remember
It is my one and only label
Child of God
Now and forever

Now after all that I suppose that your going to think that I'm going to contradict myself, which I probably will from time to time. options change... anyway My name is Erin, I'm Australian and love anything to do with books (fiction mainly fantasy and sci-fi) to painting pictures, and sometimes they end up quite abstract... I'm an amateur, not necessarily a beginner since I've been drawing since i was ...well old enough to hold a pen, played piano since i was seven , poetry about 12.... I love music and will probably post stuff about my favorite musicians, sometime review Cds and whatnot's that i think are kinda cool :)