Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

I know that it this isn't about art but i feel quite strongly about helping the people in Haiti, and those that have suffered in the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. I'm not sure if I believe in Climate change or global warming, because it could be some other weather cycle that were not aware of... but if it means that we can stop deforestation at the rate that its currently happening or develop better ways of doing things that are more energy efficient then lets go for it, and if naural disasters like huricains, storms, bushfires, earthquakes and tsunami occur then i want to help, and i know that i cant really do anything on the ground. I heard that Linkin Park set up a charity for just that purpouse.
these are the reasons that i support Music For Relief through help me earn points to help those in need by completing the activities on the MFR socialvibe badge please remember to share your actvity so MFR gets the points :)

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