Tuesday, July 27, 2010

through the eyes of God

Frustration and anger
blinding and deafening to what's right
and constantly directing to what's wrong
constantly showing
flaws always existing
world full of hating each other
my own reflection
telling me the mistakes God made
the lies so inviting
but through God's eyes i can finally see

the truth in the lies
judgement, suspiciously passing
fragile his creation we are destroying
each other
always fighting
always divided
never united
against each other and all that exists
against the one causing the distress
with each tear his heart breaking
the earth, shaking and quaking beneath our feet
to concerned with our own selfish needs
to notice the cause of our problems
suspicious of everything
blind to the evil that lurks in our streets
in our homes
in our hearts
It hurts him to see

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